Sunday, September 03, 2006

Changing course

If I have veered away from my normal rants for a while don't be disappointed. You can still review them from the side bar - most of the topics that excite a rant will not improve.

  • Public schools will keep getting worse - no matter how much taxpayer money is thrown at them.

  • Politicians of every stripe will still lie, cheat, and steal. Their fully owned junior high cheerleaders will still use doublethink to root for their political team and dis the other party.

  • Bureaucracies are like balloons - they will continue to expand to the detriment of society, until the collapsing industrial age pokes them with a sharp corner.

  • The too big four - government, corporations, unions, and education are doomed just like other bureaucracies. They are dragging society down with them in a vain effort to perpetuate themselves.

  • Just as England in its high tax socialism prior to Margaret Thatcher experienced a brain drain as the most talented Brits left home - so there is now a quiet exodus of talent from huge organizations toward technologically empowered individualistic achievement. (the merely competent and worse will remain)
That list is the basis for many ranting posts.

I tend to rant here when I find myself ranting in more sedate venues -
A Sovereign Speculator is my release valve.

So expect more rants in the future - for now I'm loving producing new things instead.


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