Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vertically Integrated & Optimized Internet Business

Say that fast three times: vertically integrated & optimized internet business.

Hopefully your tongue does not get as tangled as my typing fingers.

This may not be for you - but I'm giving it a try.

It includes all the expected goodies, splash pages, squeeze pages, auto-responders, follow up, and lots of potential for up-sales at the back end - and a host of other goodies.

There is one complete website, and an empty one to play with that you can name and use for whatever you want. There are lead generation, list creation, and traffic building tools all included - and each is a best of type.

Entry cost = US$00.00

Monthly fixed overhead $10.00, and declining from $10.00 almost immediatly.


Thats what I'm in it for - to see how much I can learn about internet specific marketing, and how much I can earn while learning.

Also included is a free to you e-book that you can republish with your information.

The story is in the e-book. (will require Adobe or Foxit PDF reader)

Read more in the free e-book itself:

by David MacGregor


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