Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Varb Rank - Do You Realllly Love Me?

Occasionally I surf blogs using Blogmad - they have a Varb ranking system that is basically a popularity test.

The varb rankings are 1-5 with 5 being the highest. Some of my blogs get well above four, almost a unanimous five. These are blogs with challenging topics, it is nice to be appreciated.

Not this one.

A Sovereign Speculator gets a 1.67

It is easy to understand why, this is the blog where I stick the rants I don't want to inflict on my main site readers. I consider this journal a pressure relief valve.

While some folk's tongues are fine sharp swords, here I prefer using a journalistic bludgeon on those I feel deserve it.

Political bloggers of any political stripe or spot that think by writing lies they will convince someone of the truth of their position. For some reason they never realize that no one reads their tripe but folks that already agree with them. I am sure they therefore get high Varb rankings - cheers from fellow knaves.

Bureaucrats that love to make decisions for others, folks they don't even know.

Perhaps it is a educator deciding I need to read a certain book or think a certain way. Maybe its a politico that decides to take my money to build a road in his home town, they all feel they are smarter and wiser than myself. They make decisions for me and my future based on their perceptions - and their own best interests.

There are others I have subjected to study - probably too many to mention. I will mention myself - some things I write here are really idiotic and poorly structured - emotion can do that.

But here is the reason I mentioned that Varb rating system - it shows folks read what I write - and it irritates many of them unto the action of clicking the thumbs down button.

Every time I realize I'm communicating with a bludgeon to fools and knaves about how shallow, obvious, and oblivious they are I have to smile.

Varb 1.67

That acknowledgment is worth a realllly big grin


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