Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Death Throes Of The Industrial Age

The industrial age is fading. Creating "one size fits all" solutions was once the most profitable and most direct way of benefiting the greatest number. Industry, education, unions, religion, government; in fact all institutions developed on this precept -- large size is more efficient.

The needs of the individual were pushed aside as the needs of greater society were addressed.

The industrial age and capitalism have eliminated plague and famine in much of the world. Sadly once open societies are becoming more closed and less individualistic as the crumbling dynasties of the industrial age seek to perpetuate their existence.

In many cases that is all most governments have become – dangerous and injured leviathans on a blind rampage of destruction as their power slowly diminishes. Their denial of already inflicted mortal wounds will cause them to seek greater power while striving for illusionary immortality.

It is a time to be cautious and to prepare emergency plans.


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