Friday, September 01, 2006

A Money Making Internet Business

It has been many years since I've written powerfully effective copy.

Much of what I have done recently has been soft sell and almost apologetic.

At one time I was capable of the "do you really love your wife" close - although I seldom used it. The "who wears the pants in your family" style only seemed occasionally appropriate. I prefer to use facts and positive emotions to help someone make a decision in their own best interest, a decision they are frequently afraid to make alone.

I tend to write the same way I sell.

The Internet is full of scams promising to make you rich tomorrow if you give them money today. Reasonable people will respond to reasonable projections - not hype. But what do we do to direct the others to real opportunity rather than disaster?

We use the old negative sell. Fear of loss is a greater motivator than hope for gain.

You don't get much response by telling folks that with hard work, determination, imagination, and persistence they can be successful entrepreneurs - within five years. Maybe.

That is the truth. The learning curve of entrepreneurs dedicated to their own success is a steep climb to the entrance of a roller coaster or a rocket. It is fun for those that pursue it with gusto - fearsome to a bureaucratic wage slave in a cubicle hell cell.

I need to write stronger copy to distract the moths from the candle flame of instant wealth. I don't know if I was ever good enough to do that with just logical reasoning. I am certainly not that good now.

So I write short sharp copy: money making Internet business ideas

Or I write long explanations hoping to coax a reader into a decision that is in their own best interest: Recommended By A Business Opportunity Consultant

What I have not done - that would surely be most effective, is fight fire with fire, hype with hype: Learn how a normal Joe earned three million dollars in two years - you can do it too.

It may even be ethical to use such tools, for the suckers benefit, directing them to a real opportunity rather than the scam they will otherwise surely choose. But the suckers wont stay and do the consistent work real opportunity demands. Either way they still lose.

For the suckers it is their own greed and sloppy thinking that condemns them, not the offers of the scam artist. Heck, the suckers even believe politicians.

For me I guess I will have to keep it long or keep it strong - but I can see no long term gain for anyone in shoveling hype.

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