Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two Years Away


Start a business today and it will probably take a couple of years for it to mature.

Start a new job today and it will probably take six months to understand the job, another year and a half to grow into it.

If you are looking at business opportunities - don't waste time on promises of instant wealth, look two years or more down the line and see if the cash flow will provide the income you desire.

I have recently started a network marketing business - after swearing off of them years ago. They have changed, and the right vehicle can provide a reasonable income compared to the effort expended. I was enticed into this one by David MacGregor - an already successful Internet entrepreneur with a lust for freedom.

I'll give you my basic thoughts, and I'll report back occasionally on the actual results.

My goal is simple, have at least one person a month join me in this Internet business. At the end of two years that would be twenty four associates - all of us working toward a common goal. Allowing for attrition - perhaps twenty will still be with me at the end of the second year.

I'm a bit ahead of plan right now, but this is still early days, I suspect from current limited efforts I should be able to exceed that twenty associate target. If my associates hit the networking average of just over two associates each - I should have a reasonable cash flow from this project in two years - and it should keep growing.

My daughter started when I did and has been adding an associate a week - she is of course above average. ;-)

Right now my startup costs for a turn key Internet business have been zero, monthly cash flow should be positive before the end of July.

Total start up costs: -- a
couple of afternoons doing setups - and less than ten dollars US.

Risk vs. potential reward this is already a winner - in six months I'll understand more about the procedures, in two years I expect to be quite happy that I spent the time now and initiated the free trial.

For you poker players - this business has a positive ev (expected value).

This is a business that will travel with me, an added plus.

What will you be doing in two years if you do not try new opportunities?


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