Thursday, July 06, 2006

Everything You Thought You Knew About Politics Is Wrong

Liberal, Labor, Conservative, Republican, PRI, Democrat, Left, Right - all of it is wrong.

In every country, to every person in that country - these words mean different things.

These descriptions hide the simple truth. There is another continuum that explains the relationship of people and their governments far better.

You are free.


You are a slave.


Perhaps you are somewhere in between headed one direction or the other.

Think of it as being an individual totally in charge of your own life at one extreme and a totalitarian government totally in control of everything but your thoughts at the other end.

A totalitarian government can be democratic or communistic - but what counts is not the label but its power over your life.

America was founded by visionaries that knew all of us were created with inalienable rights - meaning these rights can not be removed. The U.S, Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to protect those inalienable citizen's rights from government usurpers. A government has no rights or powers - except those that are stolen or surrendered.

Every action, by every government in the world, can be judged by this simple test. Does it make the government stronger - or does it increase liberty for the individual?

If it will make a government stronger - fight it tooth and nail.

several days after this posted I've come back to change this last line. It was too strong with my opinion - I think it would be better if you thought about what I've said and formed your own opinion.


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