Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Fourth of July In The Land Of Immigrants

America is a land of immigrants - the statue of liberty stands as a beacon to a once open society.

Today, now that they are secure, America asks that you keep your poor and your huddles masses at home.

I live in America, and also in the Peoples Republic Of California. In a similar move folks in many California cities seek to limit growth - after they have bought their house. The fact they are stealing the plans and dreams of land owners is of no consequence - morals no longer hold sway in the land once know of as free.

Perhaps if I have a chance I will drop in a bit of personal family history in another post. I suppose we are not specifically immigrants - we were probably tossed out of our country in 1704 and forced to come to America.

The only consolation was that just a few generations latter we fought and helped toss out the folks that had sent us here.

I suspect that the next generation of my family will be leaving America after our three hundred year stay. It is now managed worse than it was by the British government that proceeded it.

I don't hold much hope for just tossing the scoundrels out.


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