Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Special Edition


Poker fans, and fans of Humanity, read this excellent article about the other side of poker.

From Iggy's site, although it should be all over the blogosphere soon:

WPBT "Charlie" Tournament
When: THIS Sunday - July 17th - 6pm EST
Where: PokerStars - Listed under the Private tab
Cost: $20 - Every penny goes to charity

Even if you can't get there sign up. This is all about a diverse group that by choice works and/or plays together; do it for yourself and be part of the statement. What matters to other poker players is that you are human. This is a game, but it is a game for all of us; and it is a game for Charlie and those who knew him.

Don't worry about the price structure as shown at Poker Stars, they had to play some software tricks to be able to get all the money to charity.

The trny will be great fun, enjoy.

Look a bit into the heart of a diverse humanity working together for a common goal to everyone's benifit.

Sign up, and if you can (I can't) show up.

As Barry Greenstein said "it's very easy to do a good deed."



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