Friday, June 03, 2005

Mini stuff and bloggers


Headin' for Vegas in the morning for the WPBT trny. I'll let ya know what happens. Sadly there is too much goodness on my plate and I won't have much time to rip up Vegas with the B crew.

After going back to level one I was routinely sucked out on for free repeats. Just threw it against the wall and lost, finally. Re-started at level two, much more comfortable play, no schools nibbling on my fins. Got one re-peat of 2 in a well fought game, won the next; back up to level 3. This may be my last run at these step thingees, just too easy to get blindsided in that many single games.

Some of the bloggers have been in Nevada for days; I hope there is some Vegas left for me.

When I get back I've gotta get BFU up and teachin'.


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