Friday, June 24, 2005

Not yet mania


Lots of poker stuff everywhere.

I walked into a Disney store and saw a shirt with "Big Bad Wolf's Holdem Poker Club, My four aces will blow down your house."

I picked up a catalog and it had a Bowie knife, with the words "Texas Holdem" engraved in it.

I walked into a local market and had to dodge piles of chip trays, poker tables, and other goodies, all with large "Texas Holdem" logos.

I haven't checked my favorite source for fad measuring. Go to a mega-book store and see how many magazines are being displayed on Poker. A big adult fad can have 5 or more mags before it starts to fade. Notice there are no mags on stamp or coin collecting, although with gold starting a multi year run coin mags may re-appear.

I may have to move on, as much as I enjoy poker, my time for it is almost non existent. But I will love to watch the wave build, before it crashes on the sand. As an early guess, I think poker will be more like baseball card collecting than like Pogs or beanie babies. It is here to stay, it will just keep hitting with smaller waves after the Tsunami passes.

Of course I have been wrong before.

If any of you share my business interests you may enjoy this interview with a successful small businessman.

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