Tuesday, May 31, 2005

maxi fall in mini steps

It happened.

4th level, AA early with re-raise cracked by JQo lp all in, jack on flop and at the river. Back to level one. This was lots of play for a few bucks, but I still have reservations on the odds of not being sucked out over 5 separate games. Maybe I should have mucked the AA and waited till latter after the JQo types blew out to try and move. I have since played level one twice, still paying no additional money, but getting sucked out on with regularity. As I have time I'll try again. Lots of trny play for the money, but I can earn bucks at NL ring games. Hmmm

I guess that proves I play for fun.

I posted a snippet from a book written in 1521 in another of my blogs. The words spoken by miss Peace could just as easily have been applied to steaming at finance or poker. War is seldom justifiable, war is very frequently just a nation's leaders on tilt. It is poignant that beautiful language can carry so sharp a sword.

Could this be a definition of tilt: (ego + pride)( aggression) = madness?

My reservation fell through for downtown this weekend; that's what I get for using an unknown online booking agent. They offered me another suite for three times the cost; that hit me in the (ego+pride), I refused. I have waited too long to get anything worthwhile for Fri/Sat nights. I will still drive up for the tourney and see if I can call in a comp or two. I don't want to miss meeting some of these poker bloggers I've been reading.


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