Sunday, June 05, 2005

What a Hoot!


It was a blast.

Drove to the WPBT trny, then drove home. An 8 hour round trip commute. Met a whole bunch of intelligent, crazy, poker players. We all had a love of the game, and a desire to win, in common. There was great conversation, the comments at the tables were worth the trip.

I got no great hands, made no great plays, and was just plain lucky several times. 71 poker bloggers, and a few close friends of bloggers, created a formidable phalanx of opponents. I seldom play live and found my skills at putting someone on a hand were way to weak; I was wrong far more often than I was right.

The Bloggers favorite aggression hand, The Hammer, 27o was played continuously. Sometimes it won, sometimes it lost, but it was always a crowd pleaser. I got it once early, all folded to my preflop raise, and I stole the blinds. I showed the cards, to assorted groans and cheers (mostly mine).

My most memorable hand was against Bill Rini. With less than 20 players left, and my getting short stacked, I was all in JQs against Bill's QK. The flop was rags and I still just had 3 outs, the turn brought new hope as A234 was on the table, any 5 now would split the pot instead of killing me; up to a whole 7 outs. The board won with a wheel on the river, and I stayed alive.

There were many great players, a lot of well played hands, and no fish at all. No Fish! Not every hand was played for maximum ev, but every play seemed to have a valid reason behind it.

Felica was stuck between Mr Subliminal and myself for a while. She tagged us as "the two old men." I guess I had her confused; I'm usually called old, bald and fat (OB&F). Mr S did lack my attributes on a couple of points, so I guess its natural; but labels are important. Felica called attention to our second childhood again when Mr. S and I were both at the final table.

I did look like an impresive roman citizen when I put on the final table Full Tilt hat; kinda like I had been buried in rocky Italian soil for two thousand years. Once Mr. S and I grow up we will be a real threat. ;>}

The camaraderie was most evident at the final table. At least fifty bloggers were on the rails cheering and watching every move. Mr Subliminal made a stirring speach when Bill knocked him out.

A great and enjoyable day, and I want to thank CJ (he knocked me out in fourth) for organizing a wonderful event. I want to thank everyone for wondefulizing an organized event.

I think Bill and CJ's heads up showdown had more screaming fans than than a WPT event. Bill won, Congrats!

Maybe next post I'll get back on topic with the 20% rule.

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