Friday, July 29, 2005

Educational meanderings

Howdy Hitchhikers,

I just finished a new page for Bastiat Free University. I thought some of you might want to take a peek. It's called Revive Renaissance Education, and of course it toots BFUs horn.

This is probably the place to say I don't want to return to the medieval, I just think we have gone too far with industrial age over dependence on mathematical (magical) logic. Perhaps we need to have a bit of learning by analogy as the information age ignites. If nothing else we need to realize that philosophy and the question "WHY?" is still important.

There are far too many online poker players that put "potodds" into their name, but don't understand the game; in education there are many that add "scientist" to their name and they are single faceted purveyors of specialized knowledge without understanding.

Jus' one reporter's opinion.

Best to all,


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