Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Imagine There's No People - The Earth Without Man

My sister is a very intelligent and well informed gal, she sent me this link to a graphic on how the earth would shape up if man were eliminated.

This is my response:

I reviewed it quickly.

But as I understand it methane is largely a by product of animal waste - so it will not be gone unless all animals are gone. I'm sure some of the other science is likewise enthusiastically presented -
I know, thats not the point.

Thomas Malthus proved in the late1700s that the earth could not support its then current population - similar scientists and economists are still proving the same thing. Some century the may be right - just not this one. There is plenty of food - just lousy government controlled methods of distribution. Again - not the point of the graphic.

The point seems to be earth will be better without everyone else, I'm sure the author would like to preserve
their little tribe - maybe. This may be the environmentalist religion's (I consider that graphic a partial statement of faith) version of the Jehovah Witness' 144 thousand - a few selected individuals will remain. How do they plan to de-select the rest of humanity?

If I were able I would concoct a similar time-line of what could be accomplished if people were not shackled with unreasonable societal constraints, laws, and regulations.

Man's ingenuity and God's direction can clean up this mess much faster - and all done in enlightened self interest.

A first step from my admittedly extremist viewpoint is to disassemble the too BIGS, big government, big corporations, big unions, big education, etc. I happily can be an optimist because I believe the end of the industrial age is doing this.

Individuals empowered by technology can and will define solutions to the pressing problems now faced.

Love and blessings,


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