Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Battle For Liberty

Historically freedoms were almost always achieved by battle - fights to achieve liberty, and fights to keep it.

The instances where people have been granted more freedom without a violent struggle are very difficult to find. Those in power always seem to want more power - until those under their power become slaves. America was founded by those leaving a powerful government.

Slaves are poor producers and not at all creative - but who cares when you have hundreds of millions of them?

In America for instance confiscatory taxes from all governing bodies keep growing, and are now over 50% of income. In the 1950's one person in the couple worked - and they did well, with taxes of under 5%. Now both parties work, and increasingly one of them works two jobs. Earnings adjusted for inflation are down so the lifestyles of the couples will continue to fall.

The couples incomes taxes, fees, social security, penalties, employer's required matching fees, and unfunded government debt, etc are well over half their combined income. One of the two is a slave to taxes - and receives scant benefit for their slave labor - they are working for the big bureaucratic government - for free.

America has a debtor's prison still, don't pay your taxes - you can go to jail.

All government is basically managed by violence, or the threat of violence. "Get out of line, the man comes and takes you away." was a Vietnam war protest song - it is now the way of American life.

Actually there are several problems with any large government.

  • Once you get above the size of a tribe there is no less efficient way to meet individual needs than to create a bureaucracy.

  • There is also no less ethical way to meet a perceived need than to create a bureaucracy and force others to fund it.

  • Those that have a greed in mind rather than a need have no better tool to escape responsibility for reprehensible acts than get a bureaucracy to order them done.

That unfortunately is how all modern governments work.

Big government is now forcefully removing liberty from the country. Both major parties are ready to lie, intimidate, and physically fight to keep government and their power growing.

Is the only way to restore liberty another battle? Or has the battle already been lost by a people too cowed to protest? "A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves." - unknown

Read up and study a bit of history - see if you can find that rare instance where powerful interests willing gave freedoms back to a people once they were taken.


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