Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Nebulous Distinction


The various groups of our society use self descriptives of inclusion while their actions are exclusionary.

To appeal to the whole of society -- affiliations carry tags that state their purpose which are in sharp contrast to their reality.

If they say they are in favor of diversity - their membership is made up of minorities that shun association with the majority. If they say they are in favor of tolerance - they are singularly intolerant of any group they consider exclusionary. If they say they are seeking freedom of expression - they are likely a vocal group that will try to drown out and insult others.

Their selected descriptive names end up being a baseball bat to strike at societies head. They want an action extended to them that they would not consider extending to others.

To pick a positive attribute for your groups name is a marketing ploy to raise guilt free donations - but is is even more deceptive than any marketing ploy you may despise from other interests.

Is there a solution, or should there be one?

As in most mass communications the proposed answers are in mass controls - regulations and laws. Almost every regulation and law creates the exact opposite effect of the intended consequence - and a host of unexpected side effects which are mostly detrimental. These effects inspire more laws - and more difficulties.

The answer is not societal at all. An alert individual will laugh at the silly pronouncements of these self styled liberating gangs with an exclusionary agenda and move on. You can be such an individual, but society and their institutions will not teach you how.

Define yourself.

Define yourself not by the group you belong to, or the groups your group excludes, but by your own decisions and choices. Don't go looking for someone to teach you how to be an individual - just start being one today.

Right now.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." - Voltaire


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