Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Do As I Say - Not As I Do

It always seems easier to give advice than to take that advice and apply it to yourself.

I don't think it is just me, one definition of an expert is "a know-it-all from out of town."

We usually won't listen to someone we know well , or to ourselves.

A case in point, and what caused me to think about this. I've just finished creating an e-course for entrepreneurs about Internet niche marketing.

The course is for Bastiat Free University, and includes many great ideas. The summary points out what you need for a profitable business niche. The profitable niche list went something like this - but with more explanation:

  • A niche populated with highly enthusiastic prospects
  • that have a serious problem
  • that no one is addressing properly
  • that you are enthusiastic about
  • and that has money they will spend for your product or service

The e-course is more involved than that, but you get the idea. In fact I've talked about and taught these basic concepts for years. That is the rub - I ignore them when they are inconvenient. Like now ....

Bastiat Free University is a case in point.

  • it's a niche mainly populated with unenthusiastic students
  • who are burned out by public schools
  • that no longer trust educators (with cause)
  • that I am enthusiastic about
  • and that I'm offering for free
  • and it may take decades before individuals are really ready for a better educational system.

Bastiat Free University needs a purple cow, any suggestions?

I know how to create great cash flow with applied knowledge in areas like niche marketing. Yet I am putting in my time on a project that may not succeed in my lifetime. As someone said " I would rather spend my life working without success for a good cause that will eventually prevail, than succeed supporting a lesser cause that is doomed to eventual failure."

I guess it comes down to how I personally define success -- not by dollar signs, but by positive action.

and I'm having a great time.


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