Saturday, January 28, 2006

More & Better Definition For The Spek

Another split in the personality of A Sovereign Speculator.

As you may recall, A long time ago we split off the educational posts from what was then the Hitchhiker to the self directed learning journal for Bastiat Free University.

Not too long ago we split off most of the financial aspect of Hitchhiker, now renamed The Sovereign Speculator, to a new three times a week Speculation Rules.

We then moved our small business information updates to Small Business Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration that is updated weekdays.

We just started a new journal, Entrepreneurial Business E-Learning, where we have not yet established a frequency. This new weblog, or "blog," will concentrate on business owners and those of you that want to own a business. It will bounce around on subjects for a while, but it will find its voice soon.

Our other journal is seldom part of this business oriented crowd - that is the Junior Partner Ministries' Prayer Chapel. It is published Sunday and Wednesday every week - Lord willing. It is a quick read set up to assist those who are traveling with the feel of a home church prayer service.

This blog, A Sovereign Speculator, has its voice. This is the hen house where my opinions, guesses, and rants come home to roost. There is a bit of all the above blogs here - but with more attitude - and no schedule to keep.

Pick and choose, mix and match - there are enough blogs here for all. For a sample of that Spek attitude - pick a favorite posts link on the left.

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