Sunday, January 22, 2006

Free Vermont & The World Wide Secessionist Movement

We have talked about technology empowered individuals creating devolutionary fractal trends.

Secession as contemplated in Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont, and Texas is a large scale, slower developing model, of smaller differentiating movements.

The monolithic nation states were spawned by the industrial age. Economies of scale allowed the overthrow of the vestiges of feudal allegiance. Diverse cultures and ethnicities were united under a single flag - Napoleon even set out to have his conquests all speak French.

A fractal is a pattern that is indistinguishable by scale. A spiral taken as a small section has the same relationship to its adjoining parts regardless of where the sample is taken. A rough fractal would be like the seacoast, broken and beaten by waves, indistinguishable by form whether measuring miles or meters.

With the opportunities supplied through technology individuals are defining their own life by their own expectations, not the crowds. This is happening quickly in developed societies at the personal level - latter marriage, religious conversions, home business, distance learning, etc.

As you move up through families, local groups, large organizations, and up to nation states the process slows, but is still apparent.

The information and miniaturization age will be defined by individuals working in association with small fluid groups - the Netcohort. This age has already arrived for numbers of information workers.

The technological future will deflate and disassemble the large bureaucracies, the marching drum has just started beating.

Most countries are now varying degrees of totalitarian, although some are happily more disorganized than others. The future should offer greater liberty.

Assets such as your resolve, knowledge, reputation, adaptability, and your willingness to contribute are easily able to move with you.

This group of Vermont citizens sounds left of green, but that may be one of the benefits of the new network society.

There will be many smaller countries competing for productive citizens; we will be able to chose a country that matches us.

Consider the current choice between socialist Sweden or capitalist Singapore -- but with hundreds more choices.

King's pawn to King four.


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