Saturday, January 14, 2006

Entrepreneurship and Education - Start Your Business First

What and how much education is required to be an entrepreneur?

You are probably aware of the College of Entrepreneurship at Bastiat Free University.

You may have read or heard us talk about the concept of
start your business first; - then start learning. You learn fast and sometimes hard with your own business. The learning will be more relevant for you as an entrepreneur than a standard business school education.

Start your business first will also be cheaper than a standard business education. Figure up the costs of four + years of your life, deferred earnings, forced to take non-applicable classes, and of course books, tuition, fees, fees, and fees.

Your first and second business may fail, keep going. If you keep learning you will find success eventually, and you will find that success for yourself. Rediscover the pleasures of self directed learning - start your business first.

What will be important are the people that you develop in your network. What they will value in you is integrity, adaptability, knowledge, and action. Notice a diploma is not part of the mix.

At Bastiat Free University you can register and monitor classes for free. If you decide to acquire a degree latter, BFU will be there to help.

In today's world a degree has become a personal marketing tool - it is no longer evidence of learning. Instead a diploma is evidence of bureaucratic compliance.

Here also is a site I recently discovered that may offer some assistance in learning, check out The Foundation Of Entrepreneurship. It looks like a news aggregatior and resource site for entrepreneurs. I'll probably add a post on them once I've checked them out.

For now:

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