Thursday, January 26, 2006

Free State Project - New Hampshire

New Hampshire's Free State Project is a different approach to the problems of a bloated central government than Vermont's Secessionist Movement.

New Hampshire shares Vermont's love of liberty, and their town meeting form of local government. This group is on the other side of the aisle from the Vermont secessionists (see prior post).

The Free State Project is an attempt to have 20,000 libertarians and anrcho-capitalists living together in one state. Together they hope to help mold a statewide example of the benefits of limited government.

Taxes and state government intrusion are already low in New Hampshire, as you would expect from a state with the motto Live Free Or Die.

The mascot of the Free State Project is the porcupine, a symbol of their "leave me alone" philosophy.

Maybe you are committed to living in the comfort of the United States - but want a return to government where an individual person has value.

The Free State Project in New Hampshire may be for you.

Solutions from the bottom up tend to be far more beneficial than change forced from the top down.

Allan R. Wallace


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