Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Speculator's Speculation - Blackberry 8700C

This speculation is for fun, not for investment.

Blackberry is in a patent infringement law suit. For current status check your Google news (stock - RIMM).

Some seem to feel it is a frivolous and nuisance law suit by a company without products against Blackberry and Research In Motion or RIM.

Depending on your take the lawsuit will be thrown out, a settlement will happen, or only government approved people - all bureaucrats most likely - will stay connected.

Make your decision.

A side effect is folks have slowed down on purchasing a Blackberry so there are some very tempting deals being thrown about right now.

At Amazon you can get the normally $499.99 list price Blackberry 8700C, and get paid a penny to take it. It does require a Cingular service contract of at least $39.99.

Purchase price of the Blackberry 8700C, and several other Blackberry models have been reduced to $149.99, and there is an Amazon rebate of $150.00.

If you or your company want the best in hand held communications technology, you have until 25 January 2006 to act. If you read this after that date, still click through on the link - if the lawsuit is not settled there will probably be a new offer made.

Worst case is the Blackberry gets cut off - and then there may be more offers to get you back. Best case you make a penny and get the best quality, $499.99 communications device for the cost of monthly service.

Google that news, or - click here - for the Blackberry 8700c offer, then google the news.

A small speculation, a wonderful handful of technology.


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