Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let's Play Monopoly

A Monopoly game figures into a couple of interesting posts.

From the Ludwig Von Mises site is an exploration of where the
Monopoly game misses the mark compared to a real economy. Are kid's learning the right lessons?

Much lighter fare, yet still with some interesting points is the Scott Pettersen story of his sister's gift to his daughter. The gift was a fine socialist game,
Our Town, where players are penalized for not sacrificing themselves to community interests. (it is a bit unreal to have the government bail people out of troubles without taking half of the players' money.)

These games are more similar than opposite; just as today's Democrats and Republicans are both on the similar totalitarian end of the scale, rather than on the liberty end.

It makes me wonder what
Clue says about the criminal justice system.


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