Friday, January 06, 2006

Hyperspace Hyperdrive - interstellar!

A sci-fi Hyperspace, Interstellar, interdimensional Hyperdrive may become a fact.

I was surfing and found this at The Scotsman. I have no idea what site provided the link.

The premise is based on research in the 1950s by Burkhard Heim.

Rather than thrust pushing a space craft, you use a magnet to project a gravity well in front of it to pull you on your interdimensional journey.

Or something like that, details are a bit scarce.

Think of the gravity equivalent of a moon, mere feet in front of your ship, pulling you Through dimensions and back again. Hopefully.

We should have an answer of sorts within a decade or two. A scientist says 5 years, but he is looking for funding. The US government seems to be involved also.

An interstellar hyperdrive craft slipping through hyperspace to visit other solar systems on an interdimensional sightseeing tour. And you might be on board.

Take the 5 years and double it for science optimism, then double it again for government involvement. Twenty years and we should have a proposal, an excuse, or silence.

All we need for encouragement is a group of scientists to say it is too dangerous and it will never work. - Then I will know we have a chance.

I remember the story of Fulton and the steamship he invented. Everyone said it would never work. On the great day he was to test it his sister came on board full of confidence.

"It will never go," she said. "It will never go," she repeated.

The fire was lit, the boiler developed pressure and "
Fulton's Folly" moved - upriver.

Fulton's sister kept her confidence "It will never stop!" she shouted, "It will never stop!"


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