Monday, June 19, 2006

Unschooling For Success.

The term unschool is not often used anymore, home schooling seems to have taken its place.

The problem is home schooling has in many cases taken the horrible and archaic concepts of formal schooling and forced them into the home. The DownsizeDC blog has some good info on why this is not a good choice.

A point I made with an unpopular unschooling bumper sticker is that "Your Honor Student Will Be Employed By My Homeschooled kid."

The organizational bureaucracy of formal education creates obedient assembly line workers and compliant citizens - that is
the goal of universal education.

"Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire" - Yeats

Entrepreneurs are created by themselves - if they are allowed the freedom to discover and develop their own passions. Entrepreneurs create most of the new jobs, they are the backbone of a free economy. Entrepreneurs are constantly learning and discovering new ideas.

Children love to learn.

That love is crushed in a system that forces rote retention - in an over structured environment - down students throats. As adults we then have to re-learn how to enjoy discovery of knowledge, most don't succeed at unschooling themselves.

Bastiat Free University is an unschool college for adults - but you don't even need that much structure.

Think about what you love to do, then explore the knowledge that surrounds your passion.

Rediscover for yourself the pleasures of self-directed learning.

Unschool yourself.


Bastiat Free University
self-directed learning
for visionaries

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