Friday, June 09, 2006

Is The Fat Lady Singing The Dollar's Swan Song?

We all know the dollar is in trouble.

The dollar has been hurting since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created to "protect the dollar from currency fluctuations." It was placed in further jeopardy in 1933 when the value of the dollar was no longer available in gold - but was reduced to the value of a political promise.

The dollar has always suffered in war time, whether as a revolutionary continental or as Civil war greenbacks. More recently we had the guns
and butter foolishness under presidents Kennedy and Johnson -- or now under the Bush and his central power grabbing thugs with their endless war for peace. (it's nice to clear out both sides of the aisle with one sentence - now that the ignorant, myopic, political automations are gone we can talk.)

I don't have a chart in front of me, but as I recall today's dollar is worth less than a 1913 nickel in purchasing power. History teaches us that some day the dollar will be worth zero - equaling the value of every politician's promise.

The question is - how soon will that day arrive? The dollar's value now depends on the kind intentions of strangers.

The USA has borrowed money from the world to purchase a temporary lifestyle, and until now the sellers have been willing to give credit and take the profits. There are signs however that the party may be ending.

The spiked dollar punch bowl still has many devotees, but their eyes are increasingly drawn toward the small exit door. As a few begin to refill their drink and then wander toward the exit, everyone gets a bit more nervous.

World wide individual country reserves are being shifted away from a primary dependency on the dollar to more regional and precious metal constituents. If a rush starts for the door this could be very messy, very quickly.

Perhaps it is time to shift your own primary dependency on the dollar in a similar fashion.

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