Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fascism And Socialism - Are They the Same?

There was a bit of a debate on fascism and socialism being equal in the comments of a prior post.

Just to re-stir the pot I'll quote something I read in Wikipedia. I understand the weakness of a Wiki as a source - but I still find this an interesting way of phrasing the distinction.

This (individualism) contrasts with collectivist political theories, where, rather than leaving the individual to pursue his or her own ends, the state ensures that the individual serves the interests of society when taken as a whole. It also contrasts with fascism, where the individual is required to serve the interests of the state.

I think this is a cogent way of looking at these two government philosophies.

Yes they are different.

If history is any indicator in reality the results are the same.

The citizen is made a slave. The slavery is either directly to the state and its leaders, or to those that claim authority to represent society and "the people."

It is just a way of saying how you will sacrifice your life - supposedly for others - in a way to be chosen by a powerful third party.

Not in a way chosen by you.

Do you prefer your slavery straight up, or on the rocks?


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