Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Netcohort And Your Future

I cut this out of a page I was working on about an Internet business opportunity.

This was a bit strong for average readers - but you guys should be able to understand it just fine.

The material prior to this excerpt was about the declining industrial age. The emerging information and miniaturization age should be structured quite differently.

In contrast I told my daughter about the networking cohort -- or the Netcohort. This liberating trend works through informally aligned teams of netcentric individualists. The flexibility of a transient team structure empowers entrepreneurial solutions at a personal level.

Being part of the Netcohort can be both fun and financially rewarding. Most netcohort business opportunities and special projects do not require constant effort or infusion of funds.

For questions about the Netcohort see this link.

I suppose I could edit the above to clarify my points - but I believe you can think it through and understand my points - and your possible objections to them - quite well.

I'm particularly interested in your objections.



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