Saturday, August 26, 2006

Leaving Money On The Table

Money not earned can be money lost forever.

As a small business person or an entrepreneur you may have a one dimensional view of yourself.

I created the product.

I run the company.

I am a marketer.

Leadership is my forte.

We are frequently forced to wear many hats - but if we are not willing to learn about new techniques outside our specialties - we may be leaving money on the table.

Those other hats may need to fit better.

There are a lot of good books for folks that want to understand a field without going in too deep. A single basic online college course may provide all the information you will ever need about finance or marketing.

It is your business - the more you know about different disciplines, the more opportunities you will uncover.

To remain specialized may be leaving money on the table.


Friday, August 18, 2006

The Bully

Think back a few years.

Do you remember a big kid grabbing a small toy you were enjoying and holding it behind his back?

He would then put both hands behind his back and say "guess which hand it's in, right or left, and you can have it back."

Both of you knew it didn't matter which hand you chose - he would pull out the hand empty - keeping your toy in his other hand behind his back.

We are in a position like that now.

Governments around the world have snatched your freedom and are saying "guess which political party will provide liberty and safety to your land, right or left, and you can be free of stealing, intrusive, arrogant government."

Pick your hand or party -

it will be empty


Friday, August 11, 2006

Have You Considered Your True Value?

By now most have realized there is no security in a job.

Downsizing, political plays, takeovers, and cutting of costs for competitive reasons have changed the old equation. No longer is loyalty to an employer repaid by loyalty and rewards for the employee.

It is time for an inventory, a personal inventory. Jay Abraham suggests three areas to list in your inventory.

  • Your Skills
  • Your Knowledge
  • Your Relationships

Get away. Get far away.

Find a quiet place and have at least three blank sheets of paper - one for each component of your personal inventory. Start and keep writing.

You will be amazed at all the attributes you possess - attributes that you may not have properly valued before.

Jay Abraham talks about some amazing ways to monetize your attributes, but let's approach it from a different angle.

As a business owner you may need to hire staff to accomplish specific goals. There are no guarantees when you hire, the new employees may be great - or they could be worthless or worse and harm your business.

Once your personal inventory is complete you will see that you posses many skills and a great deal of knowledge that you will not have to recruit.

Let's say that you have leadership ability - that would require at least $100k a year to hire.

Perhaps you can train others - that is another 50k or more to employ

Your computer skills may be worth another 50k or so if you needed to use someone else.

You have writing skills, knowledge of various specialties, and good relationships with your banker and others in your industry.

To replace you in your business could easily cost a quarter of a million dollars a year or more - and you already know your work habits and strengths and weaknesses.

In your own business your personal value to the business could be greater than a million dollars - and you haven't even opened the doors yet.

Want to work with me?



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Death Throes Of The Industrial Age

The industrial age is fading. Creating "one size fits all" solutions was once the most profitable and most direct way of benefiting the greatest number. Industry, education, unions, religion, government; in fact all institutions developed on this precept -- large size is more efficient.

The needs of the individual were pushed aside as the needs of greater society were addressed.

The industrial age and capitalism have eliminated plague and famine in much of the world. Sadly once open societies are becoming more closed and less individualistic as the crumbling dynasties of the industrial age seek to perpetuate their existence.

In many cases that is all most governments have become – dangerous and injured leviathans on a blind rampage of destruction as their power slowly diminishes. Their denial of already inflicted mortal wounds will cause them to seek greater power while striving for illusionary immortality.

It is a time to be cautious and to prepare emergency plans.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Learning The Internet Marketing Business

I'm starting to put the pieces together on this internet marketing business conundrum.

I know how to operate a small brick and mortar business - start up to profit.

The last year or so I've gotten deeper into the internet, and all the potential it holds. This is not your grandfather's business.

This is fun.

This is a lot like
speculation in the investment markets - there are a million ways to make a million dollars, and all of them are seemingly very hard to find and quite short lived.

I have an integrated internet business that will reach positive cash flow soon, and I have learned a bunch doing it. I fully expect to have a reasonable
stream of income from it within a year or two - with almost no cost.

The primary cost of what I have been doing is time - but it has been time well spent. On top of a growing internet business I have been receiving
an internet marketing education. The money made from my current internet business will be nice, but I think there is a lot more to be made by creating and marketing the product others need and will use.

I am committed to a project until the end of October, then I will dig in and see what I have really learned.

I plan to create an investment book for people that want to profit in the markets.

This will not be an exciting investment scheme. In fact for the investor the tough part will be in controlling their own psychology and sticking to an investment plan they will understand works very well.

You can see the basic investment information here:
A Futures Trading System Can Make You Rich!

When the marketing starts I will really start to learn.

The fun part is that others will learn and gain also.

I'm smiling just thinking about it - my own fully functional and operating internet marketing business.


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