Thursday, June 30, 2005

Slow Play


Bastiat Free University is open!

I don't think that means I'll have more time for poker, but I can't have less.

I may have to put this blog in stasis.

But just so you know that I care, I'll provide a bit of poetry I penned while walking the local (environmentally protected) estuary.

Ah, The beauty of creation
fresh air and pastoral sights
thousands of wet and wood land creatures
each endowed with inalienable rights
and knowing that at any moment
a lovely creature may appear in my shotgun's sights

Nothin' but class stuff here.

Chicken, tastes like spotted owl.

Best to ya,


Friday, June 24, 2005

Not yet mania


Lots of poker stuff everywhere.

I walked into a Disney store and saw a shirt with "Big Bad Wolf's Holdem Poker Club, My four aces will blow down your house."

I picked up a catalog and it had a Bowie knife, with the words "Texas Holdem" engraved in it.

I walked into a local market and had to dodge piles of chip trays, poker tables, and other goodies, all with large "Texas Holdem" logos.

I haven't checked my favorite source for fad measuring. Go to a mega-book store and see how many magazines are being displayed on Poker. A big adult fad can have 5 or more mags before it starts to fade. Notice there are no mags on stamp or coin collecting, although with gold starting a multi year run coin mags may re-appear.

I may have to move on, as much as I enjoy poker, my time for it is almost non existent. But I will love to watch the wave build, before it crashes on the sand. As an early guess, I think poker will be more like baseball card collecting than like Pogs or beanie babies. It is here to stay, it will just keep hitting with smaller waves after the Tsunami passes.

Of course I have been wrong before.

If any of you share my business interests you may enjoy this interview with a successful small businessman.

Best to everyone,



Sunday, June 05, 2005

What a Hoot!


It was a blast.

Drove to the WPBT trny, then drove home. An 8 hour round trip commute. Met a whole bunch of intelligent, crazy, poker players. We all had a love of the game, and a desire to win, in common. There was great conversation, the comments at the tables were worth the trip.

I got no great hands, made no great plays, and was just plain lucky several times. 71 poker bloggers, and a few close friends of bloggers, created a formidable phalanx of opponents. I seldom play live and found my skills at putting someone on a hand were way to weak; I was wrong far more often than I was right.

The Bloggers favorite aggression hand, The Hammer, 27o was played continuously. Sometimes it won, sometimes it lost, but it was always a crowd pleaser. I got it once early, all folded to my preflop raise, and I stole the blinds. I showed the cards, to assorted groans and cheers (mostly mine).

My most memorable hand was against Bill Rini. With less than 20 players left, and my getting short stacked, I was all in JQs against Bill's QK. The flop was rags and I still just had 3 outs, the turn brought new hope as A234 was on the table, any 5 now would split the pot instead of killing me; up to a whole 7 outs. The board won with a wheel on the river, and I stayed alive.

There were many great players, a lot of well played hands, and no fish at all. No Fish! Not every hand was played for maximum ev, but every play seemed to have a valid reason behind it.

Felica was stuck between Mr Subliminal and myself for a while. She tagged us as "the two old men." I guess I had her confused; I'm usually called old, bald and fat (OB&F). Mr S did lack my attributes on a couple of points, so I guess its natural; but labels are important. Felica called attention to our second childhood again when Mr. S and I were both at the final table.

I did look like an impresive roman citizen when I put on the final table Full Tilt hat; kinda like I had been buried in rocky Italian soil for two thousand years. Once Mr. S and I grow up we will be a real threat. ;>}

The camaraderie was most evident at the final table. At least fifty bloggers were on the rails cheering and watching every move. Mr Subliminal made a stirring speach when Bill knocked him out.

A great and enjoyable day, and I want to thank CJ (he knocked me out in fourth) for organizing a wonderful event. I want to thank everyone for wondefulizing an organized event.

I think Bill and CJ's heads up showdown had more screaming fans than than a WPT event. Bill won, Congrats!

Maybe next post I'll get back on topic with the 20% rule.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Mini stuff and bloggers


Headin' for Vegas in the morning for the WPBT trny. I'll let ya know what happens. Sadly there is too much goodness on my plate and I won't have much time to rip up Vegas with the B crew.

After going back to level one I was routinely sucked out on for free repeats. Just threw it against the wall and lost, finally. Re-started at level two, much more comfortable play, no schools nibbling on my fins. Got one re-peat of 2 in a well fought game, won the next; back up to level 3. This may be my last run at these step thingees, just too easy to get blindsided in that many single games.

Some of the bloggers have been in Nevada for days; I hope there is some Vegas left for me.

When I get back I've gotta get BFU up and teachin'.


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