Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mind in wander mode

Back from vacation, but still to mellow to rant.

As most of you know, I now use the Sovereign Speculator to display my most venomous rants, thereby saving my other sites like
BFU and the new business e-learning site from my mental depredations.

I did come across an idea while perusing the
Dilbert Blog that caught my attention, and I would like to fine tune it.

" Leadership is a form of evil. No one needs to lead you to do something that is obviously good for you."

The difference I would point out is that there is no evil in a leader we pick for ourselves to improve our effectiveness. The key of course is the ability to quit following when any advantage derived from the leader dissipates.

A corresponding principle is that if I do not have a right I can not delegate it to a leader, even if I am in the majority. If it is evil for me to take your money, it is evil for me to chose a leader to take your money.

If I have made this concept confusing - you might enjoy this
short flash presentation at the Bastiat Free University on-line campus.

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