Thursday, April 06, 2006

America Redefined By Its Roots

There once was a very different America.

Initially here was debate on Federalism and its value. A phrase might have been:
The united States of America are seeking unity on the mater of defense.

With the civil war the independence of state governments was vanquished. The freedoms enhanced by competing independent states have slowly vanished. Liberty has been squeezed by an ever stronger central government for the last 150 years or so.

After the Civil War that American phrase would read: The United States Of America is focused on defense.

Notice the difference? What was a group of independent states united for self defense had become one central state to rule them all.

Today an American statement might even read: The President declares that a strong internationally proactive offense is being activated to ensure an adequate defense of the American Homeland.

That is a huge difference.

What then does it mean to be an *American, and can we even use the term without confusion?

I'll refer you to a nicely written post at two-four (the blog's title is taken from the Hanoi Hilton prisoner's tap communications code) where he uses an older definition of American to illuminate the current immigration debate.

The first American revolution was needed to dump strong central government and elevate personal liberty. Those that cling to personal political power today will consider any move to return freedoms a second revolution.


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