Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Not Republican Or Democrat - you can leave now

I almost made this a comment on a political blog.

It is too versatile to waste for one comment that would probably be deleted anyway.

The sad part is - all the comments made to the blog agreed with the one sided absurdity posted.

My comment would have been deleted or ignored - it did not meet their party's doctrine.

Republicans write for republicans - recycling the same biased message. Democrats write for democrats - and are applauded for slanted rewrites of moot issues. They won't read each other - the purity of their political religion might be defiled.

The USA is a theocracy.

The religion is the single party - Democratrepublicanism.

Here is my comment, left here as a general garment - see if it fits your blog

I'm not republican or a democrat.

I'm sure you have noticed that only people that agree with you read this tripe.

I'm equally sure they would not read something balanced.

It says something about those folks that only seek to reinforce their probable error.

The ignorant eagerly sharing their ignorance - but only with those equally and agreeably ignorant.

I read a blog the other day where they author bragged she could tell if a blog was the other party in the first sentence - and she would read no further.

My guess is she was proud that her political faith was pure.

It also indicates any position slightly different than her position was "the others," - strangers, and enemies.

That is willful ignorance.


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