Friday, March 17, 2006

Why Not You?

I subscribe to a daily quote service that comes in my email.

On Fridays they send an inspirational story or poem rather than a short quote.

I remember Jimmy Carter, the ex-president of the USA, saying he rearranged his life to seek success when someone told him to ask himself something like "Why not me? Why not my best?"

This weeks story was a short essay Why Not You?

I have copied the whole of Why Not You? - including the author information - into the Partner Charity site.

By the way I have also sent an email to the author, Steve Maraboli, telling him I would remove the piece if he objects to this use. he wrote it - he owns it - it is reasonable to both acknowledge his effort and respect his authorship. The Internet is frequently awfully sloppy about that type of respect.

If he does object - I will remove it.

We have the same relationship with those creative doers that have designed Master's Courses at Bastiat Free University. We will change or delete the class any time they request.

We are allowed to study what helped form these wonderful successes by their assistance - they deserve the respect of control. It is worth our flexibility to be able to study an international financier like Jim Rogers or a serial entrepreneur like Dottie Walters. To succeed - study successful people.

We all need inspiration to get us going - and motivation to keep us going - sometimes we need a lot of it.

You may be at a point where reading Why Not You? and spending some time thinking about - why not - may help you to profitably rearrange your life.

This has been the long way around to ask you to go and read Why Not You?

It is well worth your time.

Of course you may want to sign up for the free daily inspirational quote service sponsored by BFU while you are at Partner Charities.


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