Friday, March 31, 2006

This Is A SheepleTest

You will probably fail.

Most sheeple have already stopped reading.

The vast majority of sheeple read only information that agrees with them.

Sheeple refuse to read something that does not align with their viewpoint.

I did a post recently on how alarmists gain funding by screaming about the panic du jour.

Here then is the test.

Are you willing to follow this link to a short article that disagrees with what alarmists have been shouting?

Most sheeple are not honest enough to listen to the other side.

Statistically over 90% of you will ignore even compelling evidence that contradicts sheeple beliefs.

I'm not even convinced the other 10% will listen - if they do they may be willing to consider an alternative view however.

(by the way the article is not compelling evidence - it just contradicts the majority view.)


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