Sunday, February 12, 2006

Educationists Are The Morons

Educationists are the morons, not our children.

A note from the Opinion.Telegraph in merry old England.

Educationists are the morons, not our children

A Cambridge don told me a few years back that even those lucky enough to get into our top university were so incapable of learning once there that he wanted to start a sandwich course for them. Of course, it is not our young people who are thick; it is the "educationists" who deem what they are taught. For decades basic grammar has been spurned as elitist, so even those with four A-levels are illiterate. Basic numeracy was discouraged once the electronic calculator was invented.

And general knowledge - indeed, any form of reading outside the curriculum, or spirit of independent inquiry, curiosity and thought - was squashed by schools focusing on what does well for the league tables. Add to that parents being dissuaded from having an intellectual life with their children - not that many need much dissuasion - and you have a nation of morons in the making. What have our children, many of whom could be very clever, done to deserve this treatment?

A fine rant, and a scathing indictment of public education.

For a bit more balanced look at what a teacher encounters- stuck between educationists and students the Right Wing Nation blog takes a shot at the final result of the avoidance of absolutes, even in math studies.

Myself I rather favor what C. F. Bastiat had to say:

" We cannot but be astonished at the ease with which men resign themselves to ignorance about what is most important for them to know; and we may be certain that they are determined to remain invincibly ignorant if they once come to consider it as axiomatic that there are no absolute principles."

If you want your kids to be mindless cogs in a bureaucratic machine - leave them in public schools. Public schools are very good at their job - indoctrinating compliant future citizens and bureaucracy employees.

Separate school and state.

Your kids will have more and better options
in carefully selected private schools or with home schooling.

That and when they grow up you can have interesting conversations with your kiddos.

If you went to public schools - maybe you can get a home schooled kid to teach you how to converse.


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