Friday, December 16, 2005

Nigeria Finds A Way To Prosperity

Nigeria does what others will not even talk about.

The first thing to notice in this report is an honest admission by a government official that government is often the least efficient way to achieve a purpose.

The second thing to notice is that they will let people work themselves out of poverty.

If this report is to be believed, it may be the most creative piece of leadership I've seen from a government in decades.

"Let me restate government 's commitment to providing the enabling environment and support for effective and sustainable micro finance development in Nigeria."

I prefer private outreach for micro financing, but an "enabling environment and support" hopefully means government getting itself out of the way.


If "first world" countries could shove aside their huge egos, they might find a key here to relieving their poverty problems. From Orleans, France to New Orleans, Louisiana - remove the blocks of red tape, high tax, and regulation; then give the poor a hand up.

Folks want to succeed, they want their children to have a better future than they are experiencing.

Nigeria is showing the world how to help the poor.


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