Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finance Is Fun, Speculation Rules!

Speculation Rules!

The speculation that this would change to a blog on financial speculation appears to have been a bit hasty.

I've decided to keep the Tsunami Hitchhiker what it is. This is a place where I can drop thoughts that don't fit anywhere else.

When I was in High School I dropped into a local brokers office, I knew the manager's daughter, he was the mayor of the city.

He hooked me up with two stocks, "down a bit, but sure to come back." He earned a small commission, I lost all my money. That is why I majored in Finance in college, I had learned my first lesson in speculation:

No one cares more about your money than you do.

I've played and tried to win big, and lose small in the markets ever since. I've gained experience in all kinds of speculations. That was my second speculation rule:

All investment are speculations.

I have decided to start another blog, just on speculative finance. It is one day old today, it will not be really running until January, but it does have some posts up already.

If you had not guessed the new blog is called:
Speculation Rules!


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