Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Change For The Hitchhiker

Next year the Tsunami Hitchhiker will change again.

The Hitchhiker started as a combination finance and poker blog. Some of the poker only posts have been removed, but there is still a lot of poker and finance content in the early posts.

Finance and poker have a lot in common. To win at either you have to watch your investment size, keep losses small, and make big wins. Success at either usually involves many small losses, but big victories that make it all worth while. Go back to the first few months to review.

Next the Hitchhiker became a rants page. My other blogs don't have the format for going off the diving board into the deep end. The Hitchhiker allowed all kinds of wonderful blow off space, there will probably be less of that in the future, although an occasional rant may explode out of confinement.

The Hitchhiker was conceived as a venue to generate cash for charities, it has been underwhelming in that role. We will see how that changes, and if we can contribute more from here, to charity, next year.

What I hope is to make The Tsunami Hitchhiker into more of a finance information source. Parallels to other disciplines will remain, and time permitting this will be at least a daily source of pointers and investment opportunities. Of course I will still try to notice and participate in emerging fads, such as poker was.

If you notice a fad starting, please comment on it, fads are fun for all of us to follow.

Life is good.

Finance is fun.

Expect a regular dose of that come January.


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