Monday, November 21, 2005

PT, Permanent Tourist, Perpetual Traveler

First, Look At This 2 Minute Movie.

The grand old man of investments and freedom marketing, Harry Schultz, has put together information that is seldom talked about. There is a book list on a perpetual traveler Squidoo lens of powerful PT books that can help you expand your life.
Also available online are downloads of Dr. W.G. Hill's P.T. -- The Permanent Tourist; a classic road map to the PT lifestyle.

PT has many meanings besides
permanent tourist; from the old Paper Trippers to modern seekers of a Post Tyranny lifestyle. Ultimately it is what the PT lifestyle can do for you as an individual that counts.

The basic PT concept is also called three flag theory.
  • Have your citizenship somewhere that does not tax income earned outside the country.
  • Have your investments in a low or no tax stable country.
  • Live as a tourist in third countries where what you enjoy is legal, maybe even valued.
Some permanent travelers break these ideas into smaller parts and create a five flag theory. It is your life, use whatever tools make sense to you.

Countries usually treat tourists better than their citizens - believing they
own their citizens and treating them as cows. Their citizens are herded, penned, branded, milked, and/or slaughtered. Tourists however are courted and treated well as they bring in cash.

Click here to read Harry Schultz on being a perpetual tourist or PT. - This is information that is not easy to find.

Do you find it horrible to think of not being owned by the government where you were born? If not bureaucrat tipping (BT) is a way to find a bit of freedom, and humor, in our slavery prone world.

If you are serious about investing, here are the basics for success in any type of investment, in any investing climate.
And here is a bit on investing that deals with rules for financial success and a route to financial freedom. Or if you want to start your own business that will travel with you, check this business opportunity page.

You will also find some information on Possibility Thinking at the Bastiat Free University College of Liberty. If this is all too much, start simple. List all of your beliefs, and question where you learned them and who taught them to you. Now -- make up your own mind to your own satisfaction.

Most of what you believe was taught to you by someone taught by another, taught by another. Like in the game post office, time and repetition change the original meanings. Original uncertainty tends to be replaced by those taught to act certain. Delve into your commitments and decide for yourself which beliefs you will retain, which beliefs you will modify or abandon.

Don't be more committed to any institution or person than they are willing to be directly committed to you.

The Sovereign Life newsletter provided this extended list of PT meanings: Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Tourist, Prior Taxpayer, Possibility Thinker, Post Tyranny, Privacy Tactician.

There are more, feel free to invent your own
PT meaning. - Feel free to invent your own PT life.



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