Monday, November 07, 2005

Worthless Blogs


A blog is a cool tool. You get to say what you want (in some countries), and eventually some people may read it.

I've got four blogs. All of them at some point have been called worthless, or worse.

My definition of worthless is an unimaginative rant rag that only repeats attacks or defenses you find elsewhere. - Screaming invective mindlessly repeated by the living dead.

These blogs do get read, by zombies that believe exactly the same thing. They even get comments, usually repeating the same drivel, sometimes in the same slobbering words. Also you may find a comment from a polar opposite that also will not think.

Why write if it is to repeat others, to those that know the versus by heart?

These blogs are of no effect. They change no minds, the inspire no thought.

If you write one these things I have a proposal for you.


Find some area where you disagree with the majority of those that hold your other views.

Post about that.

From you that will get a response of disbelief, and perhaps start to earn you some respect.

Instead of zombies eating your regurgitated organizational song book, perhaps you can attract someone that may think.

You may find that you were in error in some area. Great news - the zombie may become human again.

Perhaps you may find you enjoy thinking.

It only hurts until you get used to it.


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