Saturday, November 12, 2005

Aspirin Therapy


Here is my definition of "aspirin therapy."

Aspirin therapy: anything that takes little effort, posses little harm, and may help.

Do you have an argument going? Look up the answer on google; easy, you may be wrong, you may be right.

About to drive to a new area? Look at the map:, little effort, short time investment, may save a bunch of time.

Investing in a stock? Investigate the company; a bit of effort, you may not learn anything new, you may save a bunch of money.

Buying a house? - You get the idea.

We spend too much time investigating small thing, like comparing coffee brands. We spend too little effort exploring and understanding major things:

Our careers,

Our relationships,

Our religion,

Our education,

Our politics,

Our major life decisions.

Take the extra effort to investigate and think clearly. There is little risk in looking at the other side of the arguments without pre-judgments. Nothing may change. It may help.

A single aspirin a day may prevent a heart attack or stroke; it may not. But it won't hurt much to take that aspirin just in case.

I plan to put a post on this same subject, but with Christian specifics, at Junior Partner Ministries Virtual Church this Sunday.



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