Friday, October 28, 2005

Failure, I'm Feeling Lucky & Miserable Failure


Failure, I'm feeling lucky.

Way off topic. Just funny.

There has been a long running joke to type Failure into google and hit the I'm feeling lucky button.

There are so many failure links pointing to one page, google's I'm Feeling Lucky button directs responses there.

The Firefox start page with google does not have a I'm feeling lucky button, other google boxes lack it also. Folks are typing in Failure, I'm feeling lucky and getting nothing but strange pages.

Maybe now they will get to this failure, I'm feeling lucky page.

As a friendly gesture:

If that is you, here is a link to the google page you need. Now, just type in Failure, and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button under your entry.

Now type in Failure again, hit the google search button, and look at the first and second choices. - That is choice.

Now was that worth the effort?

I thought so. ;>}


P.S. What you have just seen is a propaganda "Google Bomb." A bunch of websites that hate the #1 choice linked to that site with the anchor text Miserable failure just so they could set this up. Supporters of the first replied with a bunch of links that set up the second choice as a miserable failure.

Those words, miserable failure, never appear on either site. Like most political extremism though, the propaganda was a miserable failure as only those that hate either target paid any attention to the silly stunt.

I have recently seen other such Google Bomb stunts being set up, I predict they will be a miserable failure also.


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