Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trans Union

Trans Union Credit Services.

Do you need a credit service, perhaps a monthly credit report, is your credit score important?

Maybe not.

Do you want
Trans Union credit reporting service? - probably not.

But the need depends on you.

Do you follow up on projects?

I have had a bunch of my personal data stolen while it was in someone else's hands. Happily it was easy to contact TransUnion and get a warning stuck on my credit report to double check any loan requests.

You can get one free credit report just for asking. That will give you a free credit score - and a list of all your credit information.

I have had no problems, - yet. Transunion got me a copy of my report, and the other two major credit company's reports, for free.

A monthly credit report service is available for about six bucks a month, but you would have to want to watch it and follow-up. I doubt many will do that, it would just get thrown away and they would be billed for it.

You know you best.

Knowing how bad identity theft can be, and how much some folks worry about it; you may want to contact Trans Union or one of the other credit services and consider their offers.


I am not part of the TransUnion credit and credit score services program. If you use affiliate marketing on your site, I notice they do have affiliate relationships available. I may check it out, someday.


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