Friday, October 14, 2005

Am I missing something?


I was blog surfing and found a post that amplified a point I was trying to make in a Bastiat Free University post called Privatized Government and Judge Judy. I had several comments, but none of my responses were as concise as this:

"I also buy a whisk broom from the campground store. It i’s $2.99; I hand the girl a $5 bill, she hands me back $2.01! I almost have a seizure. This is my first purchase of general merchandise in my entire life that didn'’t include a cut for leeches surrounding the state capitol. I stagger into the coffee shop where I sit down to let my head clear.

For comparison: My general-merchandise overall sales tax at a small town in the middle of New York state (Endicott, NY) was 8.5%. New York has a mystifying graduated income tax, which would be a minimum of 7.5% for me. So New Hampshire does not have an income tax, and it looks unlikely it will ever have an income tax. If a New Yorker (or Michiganian) moves to New Hampshire, he or she sees an instant, approximate 15% improvement in standard of living.

Am I missing something?"

Private solutions are more efficient than government, by a very wide margin. If you want the reasoning read the BFU post and the comments.

Sometimes simple things can be over explained. I plead guilty.



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