Friday, September 09, 2005

Immoral Lies


Sorry 'bout this.

I was trying to stay out of the Katrina free for all. Posturing for the camera by government, celebrities, and large charities is to be expected. It is annoying, but expected.

What has really pushed the limit is all of the political dung that is being flung. The mendacity of people that know better, but still use bald faced lies to fool their followers. This is from all sides of the political spectrum. While the bodies are still floating past, the comments are made that anyone who thinks will know are outrageous lies. You expect a bit of this from government bureaucrats, they think everyone but themself a fool; that is why they have to make basic decisions for us. The sad part is that almost every news report and article seems to focus on repeating statements they know to be false, just to push a party line; while unity work and saving people should to be done instead.

The only good note is that there is a new fear heard from the vapid pretentions of the gnomes behind the curtain. I read one today where they blamed the losses in "Nawlins" on 25 years of smaller government caused by, get this, Libertarians.

third parties do have a chance.)

I can hear the rattling from those that nod their head to that story. Yeah, sure, the government is so much smaller than it was 25 years ago. On whose planet? And the party to blame is a group so divided they haven't won a single state yet in the presidential elections.

Gee, do we need a scape goat that can't fight back? Perhaps the agenda is even slimier than that.

Perhaps George Bush is a racist, if so his appointments are a profitable sublimation of his feelings. Perhaps Bill Clinton talked the Army Corp of Engineers into doin' the job cheap, as if he had any more knowledge of local actions then George does. Or all the other pollution you have heard, and hopefully turned off.

These are so obviously lies, the person that proclaimed them must know they are lies. His only hope is that his followers are as stupid as he believes they are. Then they will repeat the stupid lies to their stupid friends, and the liar's power will increase.

What a mess is made by those ghouls on all sides in the recent, and prior, and next, disasters. An event like this would be handled best by the outpouring of concern from private individuals, small businesses, and charities. They are
shoved aside by an uncaring and inefficient bureaucratic elite. As soon as the cameras stop running, the elites will be off to the next show. It will be up to the common man to pick up the pieces and truly help. They will help, it is the way we citizens are made. (I have heard someone in government use "citizen" as a swear word, he seemed to feel we are ignorant dung, we are not part of his club.)

I just heard from a Marine bound for the flood lands. He knew a week ago he was going and he was ready to help, but he had to be transferred several times between units, and still has not left. And the Marines are a small outfit, that cares a great deal. The larger government units are still shuffling paperwork, and fighting each other. The bigger the government, the less caring and less efficient it becomes. The Federal government alone will spend several thousand dollars per taxpayer in Nawlins, Private charity would be much less expensive, and the funds would be better allocated, the results would be better and faster.

I have to agree with actor Drew Carey. In an interview he was asked. "What's your basic attitude toward government?" His response fits this situation, even though it was a general question.

"The less the better. As far as your personal goals are and what you actually want to do with your life, it should never have to do with the government. You should never depend on the government for your retirement, your financial security, for anything. If you do, you're screwed."

The suffering continues. Help where you can, and remember to help a few months from now too. By then the liars and showboats will have left.

That will be when the real work begins.


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