Friday, November 04, 2005

Panic Du Jour


I remember as a grade school kid, many decades ago, getting the repeated warning that we were entering a new ice age.


Mankind and civilization as we knew it would be wiped out.

This week it is Bird flu.


Mankind and civilization as we know it will be wiped out.

Maybe this time it is Global Warming, maybe it is politics in the USA, maybe it is other lifestyles or other nationalities. Maybe it is ....


Scientists get more funding if there is a panic, and not all scientists are honest. Politicians get more support if there is a panic, and few politicians would consider honesty. Bureaucrats gain power when there is panic, and they all love power.

Someday something may really go wrong on a global basis. It will probably be a surprise we were not warned about.

In the meantime, think for yourself and:


Enjoy your life.

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