Saturday, August 27, 2005

Educational Housekeeping


You may not care, but I've a few new or reworked pages that other the guy may want to see. In the meantime:

Somebody says: "Of no school I am part,
Never to living master lost my heart,
Nor any more can I be said
To have learned anything from the dead."
That statement - subject to appeal -
Means "I'm a self-made imbecile."
- J.W. Goethe,

First I have a rough draft comparing distance learning with B&M.

Next a short bit on English as a second language courses, ESL.

Also I cut the BFU introduction in half, and put the remainder with a bit of a rework on our Bastiat Free University philosophy, on its own page.

You may have already seen the Revive Renaissance Education article, but it got tweaked a bit too.

I've been playing all over the sites. They are still ugly, but now they are wearing some makeup.

That reminds me of a story about Winston Churchill, A lady came up to him at a party and said. "Why mister Churchill you are drunk." He supposedly responded "Yes madam I am, and tomorrow I shall be sober, but you madam are ugly."

Speaking of ugly, we had some problems with Paypal, so we are now using the Amazon Honor system. This looks like a nice tool if you have a small business and want online credit card capabilities. We will use it for both paid registration and donations. For now we continue to underutilize our Silent Partner store, which has check and e-gold as payment and contribution methods.

If you are so inclined, we have some teen age summer missionaries back from Peru at the Junior Partner Ministries Virtual Church. They will be doing some Wednesday meeting postings. One is already up (my daughter).

A final note, I hate biographies, mainly because you can't trust them. I have had a few people I trust suggest that my sites needed my autobiographical support. I have added some bits about this private person on our about page, be sure to miss it.

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