Sunday, February 28, 2010

Speculation Rules Part Deux - Free Markets

I relish freedom. In fact the last few years while this blog and Speculation Rules have set idle I've given much thought to the future of liberty.

Free markets enable sound investments. On the other hand, manipulated markets encourage gambling. Over the last few decades government controls on trade, interest rates, business formation, and other intrusions of liberty have created high returns for those willing to take risky bets based on the effects of government interference. Sadly this casino attitude, backed by protection of the well connected, has caused major disruptions in discovery of fair pricing.

Some call that speculation and condemn it. It is not speculation for banks to take risky bets if they know that risk will be underwritten by bailouts. That is corruption.

I am considering once again blogging here regularly, come back if you want a taste of the truth. You can also follow this link to Speculation Rules , it is quite likely that there will regularly be profitable ideas for you to research.

The world is likely in for a couple of very bad decades. But I am optimistic for the future. The pendulum has stalled at an extreme, it is time for it to start a return toward sanity. It will not be governments leading the way, it will be individuals (hackers) empowered by technology. Individuals like us.

The future belongs to prepared (your responsibility) and adaptable (your opportunity) minds.

Get Free! Free the markets, free your life.

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